Our uDig developmer training program is designed to quickly get your Java development team up to speed and productive with Eclipse RCP, uDig and Geotools.


Depending on the experience of your team with different Java technologies, you will want to select different combinations of training topics in the outline below. Please contact us for help tailoring the right course content for your team.

Topic Days Description
Patterns and Design ½ - 1 Review standard object-oriented design philosophy. Design patterns and their use in the Geotools and uDig code base. Factories, Iterators, Visitors, and more.
Introduction to Geotools 1 - 2 Geotools structure and modules. Using data stores, filters, expressions, renderers and styles. Design philosophy and ISO standards implementation.
Eclipse RCP Concepts ½ - 1 Eclipse RCP architecture and design concepts. Plug-ins and the OSGI plug-in system. Extension points, plugins, features and fragments. Class loading and other quirks of the Eclipse system.
uDig Development 1 - 2 Putting it all together. Building RCP plugins that use Geotools instructure to accomplish spatial data processing and display. The uDig tool, catalogue, and rendering infrastructure.
Example Driven Training 1 - N Take an operational topic and use it as the core of a training session. Working with the basic material, solve the problem using uDig, Geotools and Eclipse RCP.

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Refractions Research sponsors and develops uDig as an open source project in collaboration with developers from around the world. Visit the uDig open source community site at

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