OGC Survey


The Google Web API was used to extract the results of two queries in computer-readable form:

  • Pages including the string request=getcapabilities, which is the common entry point for OGC web services.
  • Pages including the string request=capabilities, which is the entry point for the old Web Map Server 1.0 standard.

Each returned page was pulled and searched using a number of Perl "regular expressions" for a complete capabilities URL. The Capabilities URL was in turn pulled and passed through an XML parser. The final results were stored in a database of services, servers, layers, versions, and other information extracted from the Capabilities files.

The automated process now runs monthly and populates a fresh database of information. The database was last refreshed on: 2006/10/09

Download the server list in XML form from: xml.php.


Oct 9, 2006

Feb 10, 2006

Dec 21, 2005

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Dec. 3, 2004