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PostGIS 3.4.0 Released

Aug 16, 2023

SMART 7.5 Released

Apr 1, 2023

PostGIS 3.3 Released

Aug 27, 2022

PostGIS 3.2.2 Released

July 23, 2022

PostGIS 3.2.1 Released

Feb 12, 2022

SMART 7 Released

Nov 29th, 2021

PostGIS 0.8.0 Released

Refractions Research is pleased to announce the 0.8.0 release of PostGIS, the open source spatial extension to PostgreSQL. Version 0.8.0 contains support for all the functions in the OpenGIS "Simple Features for SQL" specification, making PostGIS the first open source spatial database to supply support the standard.

"We have been working towards this goal for the past two years", said Paul Ramsey, President of Refractions Research, "Complete spatial functions are a key feature set for building spatial infrastructures, and we are pleased to make this functionality available to the open source community."

Refractions has been working on numerous projects that make use of the PostGIS spatial database, including the GeoServer Web Feature Server and the Mapserver Web Map Server.

"Open source spatial infrastructures are going to bring together communities of interest all over, because open source infrastructures do not have replication costs", says Ramsey. Mapserver and GeoServer, with a PostGIS backend, are a complete high performance OpenGIS data publishing and sharing infrastructure, that any organization can deploy.

Among the (many) new OpenGIS functions added are:

  • Contains(), Within(), Touches(), Disjoint(),
  • Overlaps(), Intersects(), Crosses(), Relate()
  • Intersection(), GeomUnion(), Buffer(), Difference()
  • ConvexHull(), SymmetricDifference()

Also some non SFSQL functions, inspired by the spec:

  • Aggregates: GeomUnion() in-memory geometry aggregate
  • Aggregates: MemGeomUnion() memory-safe slower aggregate

Version 0.8.0 also includes support for the recently released PostgreSQL version 7.4.